Passion Planner Compact Journal

Best Christmas Gift for Friends Who Plan Ahead

Why people love it
  • A handmade, faux-leather-bound daily planner
  • As beautiful as it is practical
  • The perfect option to stay organized and on-task

Handmade product may suffer quality control issues.


Meaningfulness: If your friend likes to plan their day, week, month, or year, this is the Christmas gift they're guaranteed to love. Bound with vegan-friendly faux leather, the handmade planner comes with all the organizational tools (gridded pages, blank pages for notes, 30-minute segments, calendars, etc.) required to keep their life organized. The paper is super smooth and high quality, and the journal will feel solid and comfortable in their hands. There are even quotes to help keep them motivated and inspired through their busy days!

Originality: It may not seem like a great gift for an average person, but many people will be thrilled to receive a journal like this for Christmas. If your friend likes to stay organized, this is a gift they're going to appreciate a lot.

Price: At $25, this is slightly on the pricier side. However, considering that it's handmade, it's worth every penny!

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