Why people love it
  • Truly a work of art
  • Great size
  • Holds up very well

This is a very affordable brush that is great for wet shavers of all kinds. It’s such an attractive brush and works up a great lather with a variety of different shaving soaps.

The Parker Deluxe is the smallest brush on our list, and while some men like it, others would prefer something a little heftier.


Fiber: If you have a beard and want a clean face, this brush is stiff enough to get the soap past a thick layer of hair to the skin underneath. The base of the brush is stiff with softer tips (that will only get softer over time), but enough oomph to work up a great lather.

Handle: This handle is absolutely stunning. It is so well balanced and feels nice in your hand. The pictures do not do the glossy Rosewood justice, by any means. The Parker Deluxe is a dapper little brush that looks great on the counter.

Care and Upkeep: This brush includes a stand, that makes drying after each shave effortless. It takes 1-3 weeks for this brush to fully break in depending on how often you shave, and with proper care you can expect it to last you about 10 years.

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