Pantene Pro-V Stylers Mousse

Best Mousse for a Strong Hold

Why people love it
  • Amazing, strong hold
  • Your hair will still feel soft and touchable
  • Not sticky at all
  • The ingredients are far from natural or animal-friendly
  • The scent can be very strong

There are pros and there are cons. On the downside, the ingredient list is far from our favorite and the scent can be a little too strong.

But, you just won't find another mousse with this level of hold - especially while maintaining soft, flexible hair. And, the price is right.

Hold: It's all about hold here. Yes, it adds volume, but this mousse is all about hold; it's strong and long-lasting.

And, at the same time, your hair will stay soft and bouncy, not stiff.

Shine: Don't expect any extra shine. It doesn't make your hair appear dull, mind you; but don't think this will give you any gloss.

Scent: The scent of this mousse is not its strong point. It's got a strong flowery, almost fruity aroma and while some like it, others find it unrealistically strong.

What's inside: If you're looking for a totally responsible product, you're in the wrong place. Pantene isn't cruelty-free.

In addition, you'll find added fragrance, alcohol, and parabens here - as well as propane. (Get a good hair mask!)

Application: The manufacturer suggests applying this to damp hair and spreading before blow-drying.

There's a note about allowing it to air dry for a more natural look, but that almost completely negates the point of this mousse.

Price: As far as price goes, you should be very happy. You'll pay much less than $1 (roughly 86 cents) per ounce - and you get nearly 19 ounces of product.

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