Panasonic ES8103S Men's Arc 3 Electric Shaver

Best Travel Gift for Guys that Spend Every Other Week Away

Why people love it
  • Nice clean shave
  • Great razor for an incredible price
  • Easy to clean

You can expect this razor to give 13,000 cuts a minute and the LCD battery offers a look at its status. It’s easy to use and simpler to clean than expected.

It’s a travel razor more than anything else, so it’s not exactly the best shave you can get.


The fully loaded, wet/dry washable ES8103S boasts a three-blade shaving system for maximum coverage and closeness, even on the toughest parts of your beard! It's the perfect razor for travelers - and a travel pouch comes included in the bundle.

This razor's 30º angle blades cut hair at its base, and a flexible pivoting head lets the shaver float effortlessly along your facial contours. A fast linear motor eliminates the tugging and pulling that can occur with slower shavers, and you’ll get peak power right up to the end of a charge. 

We think this travel pack makes a perfect stocking stuffer for traveling guys. And, if he’s away all the time, these travel slippers will make him a little more comfortable while he’s missing home.

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