Why people love it
  • One reliable, effective trimmer for your entire body
  • Great for shaving in and out of the shower; wet/dry operation
  • Super sharp blades ensure a smooth, efficient shave/trim

Can eliminate ALL body hair, protective foil reduces cuts and nicks, easy to store, charging is a breeze, appropriate for wet and dry use, the blades are VERY sharp, pop-up trimmer, cleaning is a incredibly simple, waterproof, can be used with foam or gel, and features floating heads for versatility.

Does not provide the closest shave, and the trimmer head is small.


Performance: If you're looking for a trimmer that can help you keep all your body hair in check, this is the one for you. It's actually a proper electric shaver that comes with a pop-up trimmer for the contours of your bikini line. The trimmer head may be a bit small, but you'll find that the larger head of the shaver itself makes it easy to get rid of large swaths of body hair at once. If you're the "get rid of it all" sort of person, this is the shaver you want.

The shaver is fully waterproof and can be used in the shower or bath. You can dry shave or use water, foam, gel, lotion, or shampoo. The stainless steel blades are beautifully sharp, so they'll deliver a smooth shave without tugging or pulling your hair. Cleaning is as simple as running the shaver under water to get rid of any hair trapped in the protective foil.

This shaver can be used for your face, underarms, chest, back, buttocks, legs, or pubic hair easily. All in all, it's the most versatile bikini trimmer around!

Features: The shaver comes with three independently floating heads, enabling it to conform to the contours of your body. The foil head protects your skin from being cut or nicked by the blades and helps the shaver to glide smoothly over your skin. On the downside, it will also prevent you from getting a truly close shave.

The pop-up trimmer head is ideal for those who want total control over the shape of their hair, or who want to trim in the thigh/leg creases. The blades are fully hypoallergenic and will reduce skin irritation. The lightweight shaver is comfortable in your grip even after long minutes of shaving.

The shaver comes with a charging cradle, where you can set it after each use. Charging is a breeze, and you only need to charge for about 12 hours to get a solid 20 minutes of run time. Thanks to the razor sharp blades, you can trim all the hair on your body in far less than 20 minutes!

Price: At $18, this is an incredibly well-priced shaver! It's perfect for all your body hair and makes a wonderful addition to your daily grooming kit.

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