Why people love it
  • Like pull-ups, easy to pull on and off
  • You don't have to worry about accidents in the water
  • Won't swell up in the water like regular diapers

The cost can add up if your baby is a frequent swimmer and these swim diapers can only be used once. 


If you're thinking about heading to the beach or pool this summer, you'll probably want to invest in a good swim diaper if you don't want your baby shutting the pool down with a turd. With Pampers Splashers Swim Diapers your little one can splash happy all summer long without worrying about a heavy and soggy diaper. 

Absorbency: The only purpose of a swim diaper is to contain solids and prevent them from spreading in the water. It's job is not to absorb pee. Swim diapers aren't made with the typical absorbent material found in regular diapers. Therefore, do not absorb liquid. The reason behind this design is to prevent swelling of the diaper from happening. So, while your baby is wearing a swim diaper, you may get peed on. Sorry!

Comfort and fit: Swim diapers are never the most comfortable. But babies don't seem to mind Pampers Splashers. It may be because they have such a stretchy, snug fit. Also, moms seem to love the double leg cuffs and say they are great for preventing leaks. As a bonus, the sides easily tear away making these diapers a breeze to take off. You may have noticed that these only come in sizes 3, 4, 5, and 6. The reason they don't come in a smaller size is because it is not recommended to take a baby under six monthes into the pool. Babies under six monthes are most likely still breastfeeding and their solids, well, aren't so solid (making it hard to contain in a swim diaper). 

Eco-friendly: We had a hard time finding anything in regards to the materials this swim diaper is made of. So unfortunately, we can only assume that these diapers aren't baby or earth friendly. So, if you're looking for something that is safer for your baby and more eco-friendly, we suggest a reusable swim diaper. 

Price: Pampers Splashers are definitely not the cheapest on our list. For a 24 pack of swim diapers, you are going to spend around $13 which averages to about $0.50 a diaper. Of course, your baby will most likely only go through one of these for every water day. So, they really aren't costing you that much. And they save you from the embarassment of being that mom who let her baby shut down the pool. 

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