Why people love it
  • Goes on soft and smooth
  • Works great for moisturizing any dry skin, including lips
  • Great value

In addition to being an all-around amazing lip balm that feels great and performs well, it’s also one of the best value lip balms too as it comes in a giant container and lasts a long time. So if you like your lip balms to come in a convenient swivel container, to keep your lips moist, and to smell great, too, this is the absolute best.

Probably just the size of the container.


Hydration: Cocoa butter and vitamin E work together to soften and moisturize lips all day long.

Texture: Unlike a lot of the tin lip balms that feel oily or like jelly, this one has a consistency similar to Chapstick—which customers really like.

Convenience: This is probably the one main drawback; because the container is as big as a glue stick, it’s not as easy to carry around as some of the others on this list. 

Price: At first glance this is a mid-range lip balm, but it does last a lot longer than others which makes the price a steal.

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