Painting a room seems like it should be easy. Besides a plethora of tools that make the job faster than ever before, painting appears to be a basic skill. It’s not as easy as it looks though. Knowing how to paint a room is a skill you need to have. Otherwise, you’ll pay a fortune whenever your home needs a spruce.


Never start by opening a paint can. Preparation is everything when it comes to painting. Push furniture into the center of the room first. Remove everything from the walls, including all the hardware that you can. Then, plaster in any holes, sand rough spots, wash the walls and tape the corners and trim. Cover everything with plastic sheets, and then you’re ready to prime the walls. Paint the edges of the walls first (along the corners) using a brush. Then switch to a roller to complete the job. Wait until the walls are dry before you reattach hardware.

Not sure how much paint you need? Always measure the walls and take those numbers with you to the hardware. And, always get a little more than you think you need.

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