Why people love it
  • Very easy to set up; sand pouches add weight to ensure the tent stays put
  • Lightweight and hike-friendly
  • Great for shelter from the sun and wind

Not very spacious--barely fits two adults.


Features: This is the tent you want to take if you're planning a camping trip with small children or infants. The tent sets up in a matter of minutes, and you'll find that it requires very little in the way of wrangling or struggling to get it up. Drive the stakes into the ground, pour sand into the pouches, and your tent isn't going anywhere!

Make no mistake: this is a SMALL tent. It says it's supposed to fit two full-sized adults, but you're better off with one adult or two children in the tent. The overhead clearance is great; it provides more than enough space to sit in a beach chair. 

The floor is waterproof, the materials are fairly durable, and you won't have to worry about your tent breaking. All in all, it's the beach tent you want handy on your next trip.

Price: The $65 price may be a bit steep considering the fact that you can't use this tent anywhere else (it just can't handle heavy rain, wind, or cold). However, if you live near the beach and want a tent for regular use, it's a worthwhile investment.

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