OZERO Sensitive Touch Screen Gloves

Best Gift to Stuff into Your Teen Boy’s Stocking

Why people love it
  • Great fit (though you should check sizing)
  • Terrific for using phone and taking pictures
  • Comfortable and good for cool weather

This product makes it possible to use your phone without removing your gloves, and are water resistant in addition to being stylish.

Water-resistant doesn’t mean waterproof – and these aren’t warm enough for super cold days.


Details: With the price of these gloves – and their great styling – they would make an excellent stocking stuffer for any young man, before considering their real purpose. That’s the ability to text and take pictures without having to remove these gloves.

The little grips also make it ideal for bike riding and other outdoor activities without any bulk. Made with a combination of windproof polyester and insulate cotton, these are warm and windproof – though they’re better in cool weather rather than super cold temperatures.

It is, however, important to pay attention to the sizing chart that’s available on Amazon. Most users find they fit perfectly, but they do tend to fit snuggly.

Price: The price depends on the size you choose, but they’ll only cost you between $14-16, which is superb.

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