This wine opener has an infrared thermometer to gauge the temperature before opening.

  • Rechargeable wine opener with an infrared wine thermometer
  • New improved 2nd generation battery
  • Opens up to 80 wine bottles on a single charge

There are wine bottles with screw caps. We'd call that table wine; it's the stuff that you have on an ordinary night because you're trying to keep your blood pressure at bay. And then there are fantastic bottles of wine that not only have corks, but also should be at a specific temperature. When you want to achieve that, you need this opener and thermometer. Seriously.

You can check that on the clever LCD screen. Plus, you can charge this baby on a handy charging station, but it will open about 80 bottles on a single charge. Now that's a party.

What Reviewers Say:

  • I received this as a gift a few weeks back and so far this wine opener set has been great! I'm a big wine enthusiast, and I have a few other wine openers similar to this, but this is the only one that I use now, and the only one that I keep out for others to see. I've used this half a dozen times and it worked perfectly every time. Most wine openers are very plain and far from attractive, but this set looks very attractive. What I love the best though is the digital infrared thermometer that you can use to tell the temperature of the wine. I'd definately recommend this to any one that loves wine, and wants something that works and looks great.
  • All so Verrry Easy and Fast ! I also noticed how relatively safe this opener is. The sharp end of the screw stays flush with the lower end of the unit. This does not mean it could never cause injury but compared to other openers, it seems much less hazardous. Easy, effective, fairly lightweight. What a great device for yourself or someone else, man or woman.
  • I love this opener! Not sure how accurate the temp gauge is, but as far as a wine opener goes, this works great!

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