Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower and Changing Shelter

Best Camping Shower with Built-in Privacy

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  • Super easy to set up 
  • 2-room layout is a total plus 
  • Quality construction 


In addition to privacy, the 2-room setup of this camping shower allows you to keep your towels and clothes dry while you shower. There are toiletry holders, windows, and even a floor repair kit which may come in handy. 

There aren’t any drainage holes in the changing section, and the floor isn’t as easy to clean as you might like. There’s also no opening for a hose; the shower bag needs to hang inside.


Want to camp in style? Well, at least with a fair amount of privacy? You’ve got it. The big bonus of this shelter is the 2-room set up which makes it easy to be discreet. There’s plenty of ventilation and a removable rainfly. With a towel rack and a toiletries holder, all you may want to add is a stool to set your clothing on.

Now, before you get caught up in the complexity of this, we should let you know that it takes most people less than 5 minutes to set it up on their own – indeed, many have it up even sooner than that. But, when it comes to camping, what’s the difference between 3 minutes and 5?

Okay, we do need to mention that the actual camping shower is merely adequate and there’s no opening to run tubing in from the outside, which would make it easier for some. But, still, we’re rather in love with this.

Tank capacity: 5 gallons

Dimensions: 7 x 3.5 x 7'

Weight: 20 lbs 3.2 oz

Material and construction: Steel frame and silver aluminum polyester shelter with non-toxic PVC shower tank.

Heated: Yes - solar

Temperature controls: None

Power source: Solar - for heating

Tube length: About 18” and it’s a little flimsy.

Water pressure control: None to speak of

Price: You should expect to find this portable shower, with the awesome tent, at a price between $120 and $150. Sadly, there’s only a 6-month limited warranty.

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