Why people love it
  • Noticeably younger skin
  • Excellent price
  • Works on wrinkles and spots

Brimming with Retinol and vitamins. Mostly natural product. Money-back guarantee.

Some reports of sensitivities.


When looking for the best products to reduce and visibly reverse the signs of aging, you really need to consider something with a fair amount of Retinol in it. But, it can never be just Retinol because it’s so strong that it would take your face off. A healthy mix will always have other vitamins with it – and this product definitely has the lot.

Not only does this product work; it works wonders, especially for people that were previously using prescription products. And that’s saying something. This product does come with the warnings you would expect for any Retinol product: start slow, don’t use it during the day, ensure you wear sunscreen. It’s important to know that the strength of this product may cause some adverse reactions in super sensitive skin.  Considering the reasonable price per ounce on this product and all the stellar reviews, the only thing that concerns us is the fact that it’s not specifically designed for men.

Who’s It For? This product is mostly aimed at women, however many men report using it with incredible results and was specifically recommended for men by Net Luxury.

Application – Apply as a night cream every (or every other night). As this product contains Retinol, it’s not safe for daytime use.

Headlining Ingredients – Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, and Green tea

Texture and Fragrance – This is a cream product which absorbs into the skin relatively quickly. The smell is mild if discernible at all.

Price – $28 for 4 ounces ($7 per ounce)

What Reviewers Say – Keep in mind that these reviews come from both men and women.

  • “I was using a Rx retinol cream and paying a lot more -- this one will be taking it's place! As with my Rx strength, I started out using it every other night to make sure my sensitive skin could handle it. This one is working great and actually leaves my skin feeling softer and more supple. I will keep using this product!”
  • “Truly amazing product. Over the years i have tried every skincare line i could find. Ive tried prescribed retin A which was way too strong for my skin. Ive been looking for a product containing retinol. Ive been using OZNaturals Vitamin C serum for a few months and was so impressed with the results that i decided to give another product of thiers a shot. In just a few days i noticed smoother skin, a total improvement in my skin tone, smaller pores and the best part is that i have some brown sun spots that are starting to fade. I am proud to say that my search is over. I highly recommend this product. You will NOT be disappointed”
  • “This is truly a 5 star moisturizer. I have tried other retinol containing moisturizers in the past, but they make my skin incredibly dry. This one has Hyaluronic Acid in it which helps to lock moisture in and it really does. I use this every not after cleansing and using toner and serum and my face feels supple and soft in the morning when I wake up. It goes on nicely and doesn't make my face feel greasy or heavy.”

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