Best Drip Coffee Maker Overall

OXO On Barista Brain 9-Cup Coffee Maker
  • Quality, consistent brewing every time
  • Very easy to use, self-adjusting appliance
  • A great cup of coffee with a one-touch operation
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Stylish appliance, consistently high quality coffee, programmable, enhances extraction of flavor, thermal carafe keeps your coffee hot for hours, built-in microprocessor highly adaptable for high quality brewing, good temperature control, intuitive design, stainless steel components, user-friendly, controlled with the single dial, easy to read LED display

No heating platform to keep the coffee in the carafe warm, takes up a lot of counter space


Size and Appearance:

The size of the appliance itself is surprisingly large, though the machine will only produce 2 to 9 cups of coffee at a time. You may find that the coffee maker takes up a bit more space than you might like compared to some of the other, larger-capacity drip makers on the list.


The coffee machine comes with a built-in microprocessor, which is able to automatically adjust the heat, brewing time, and other factors to ensure the highest-quality cup of coffee. The heating element keeps the water at a perfect 197.6 to 204.8 degrees, and the rainmaker shower head ensures that the hot water is evenly distributed over all the coffee grounds. This guarantees maximum flavor extraction from the grounds and uniform saturation.

The automatic pre-infusion mode moistens the coffee beans with hot water before the brewing process begins, which serves to unlock the flavors within the coffee when you finally brew the cup.


The OXO’s features are the main selling point! First, there’s the one-button operation, which makes it easy to set the machine to produce an awesome cup of coffee without having to fiddle with a host of buttons or knobs. The single dial-and-button system can be a bit tough to learn, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll find it’s wonderfully easy to make a great cup of coffee every time.

The machine can be programmed to automatically brew coffee at the same time every morning, so you can set it and forget it every night. Though there’s no heating plate to keep the coffee warm, the thermal carafe will help to maintain the temperature so your coffee will still be piping hot an hour or two after it’s brewed.


At $200, there’s no denying that this is definitely a pricey coffee maker. However, once you taste the coffee and see how easy it is to make a great brew every time, you’ll fall in love with this machine!


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