Mixing bowls are most commonly associated with baking, but you're limiting yourself in the kitchen if that's all you use them for.  From mixing salsas to blending the perfect hamburger patties, mixing bowls will save you heaps of time.  


We love these mixing bowls for several reasons, all of which you should consider when shopping for your kitchen.  For a start, they're dishwasher safe.  And, popping these in the dishwasher after use is one of the best ways to prevent kitchen contamination and food-borne illnesses.  These bowls from OXO also feature counter grips to hold the bowl in place which is especially handy when kneading pizza dough into a ball, or whisking vigorously.  These babies also have a small pour spout which truly helps to scrap batter out of the bowl.  And, oh yes, very important is the ability to nest inside each other.  This makes storage a breeze.  

OXO sells a few different types of mixing bowls, including a more expensive (but even better looking) stainless steel set.  You can check out all of these products by clicking the buy link on the right.  

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