Why people love it
  • A reasonably tall ladder with very reliable operation
  • Durable, easy to adapt, and incredibly useful for multiple home/construction tasks
  • User-friendly design

Instructions are hard to read/understand.


Design: The ladder comes with three hinges, which allow it to be adjusted to up to 7 different positions, including A-frame, stepladder, extension ladder, and scaffolding platform. The hinges automatically lock in place as the ladder is extended, making it easy to snap it from one configuration to the next.

When fully extended, the ladder reaches a height of 12.5 feet, but it folds down to just 3.33 feet in height. It's built with quality aluminum, and it's both beautifully lightweight and very durable.

Weight Limit: The weight limit on this ladder is 300 pounds, making it suitable for heavier users.

Safety: The extra-wide base of the ladder with its non-marking, anti-slip rubber legs will keep you solidly in place. The instructions include safety details, but they can be a bit hard to read/understand. However, thanks to the design of the hinges (snapping into place automatically), you should have no trouble adapting the ladder safely to each task.

Price: At just under $80, this is one of the best-priced ladders on our list. It delivers a versatile design, solid construction, and simple operation, all at a price tag you can afford.

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