Why people love it
  • Gentle and natural ingredients
  • Doesn’t dry skin out, but also doesn’t leave it feeling super oily either
  • Cleansing properties keep skin feeling fresh and helps prevent major breakouts

There have only been a few complaints reported out of the total 204 that are currently on Amazon; however, none of them have complained of the same issue. One person was upset with the lack of salicylic acid in the product, another complained that it didn’t work, and a third claimed to have had a bad reaction.


Effectiveness: For the most part, previous and current users all rave about the effectiveness of this face wash. Whiteheads, blackheads, cystic acne, and minor breakouts—they all appear to be well-managed and washed away with this acne wash.

Sensitivity: One user reported that her oily—but not overly sensitive—skin suffered a reaction in the form of a rash after using this wash. If you are concerned with your skin having any sort of reaction to this product, do keep in mind that they offer a 60-day return policy so you can get your money back (which most other manufacturers do not offer).

Price: While this is more expensive than any other acne wash/scrub that appears on this list, the effectiveness and satisfaction rates with this product make the $17 worth the investment. And with a money-back guarantee, it also makes this one of the more attractive options worth trying out.

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