Why people love it
  • Amazing sound quality and extremely easy to use
  • Battery life is fantastic, plus they turn off automatically to conserve battery power when not used for a certain period of time
  • Activating Siri makes using these a breeze

Easily connect these chips to any Bluetooth device by simply dropping them into nearly any helmet. Your ears will be filled with your favorite music for the next ten hours. They can play and pause, raise and lower volume, answer calls and skip tracks, all without making you remove your gloves. Just think: warm hands and no wires inside your jacket.

The audio isn't very loud making it hard to hear music over 50mph wind noise. 


Performance: You'd be amazed by how loud these Bluetooth speakers can get. These babies wirelessly connect to your phone or bluetooth device to deliver Hi-Fi sound into your helmet. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery life is fantastic and will last up to ten hours of play time. Which means you can listen to your favorite tunes the entire time you're on the mountain. The speaker chips are water and sweat-proof, surprisingly durable, and can handle the coldest of the cold. And by cold, we mean -4 degrees fahrenheit. 

The chips are designed to be compatible with all the major brands of snowboarding helmets, including but not limited to Bern, Giro, Smith, K2, Anon, and Pro-Tec. Basically, they'll fit in any helmet with the audio drop-in slot.

Features: The chips are black, but you have the option of choosing between red or yellow wires. You can easily switch songs, take a call, or adjust the volume from a tap on the right ear bud. And, it has a built in mic so you can either talk on the phone or tell Siri to read your text messages. 

The Dot walkie-talkie app allows you to communicate with your crew on the slopes at the push of a button, and the range is limitless.

Price: At just under $130, this is a slightly pricier gadget on our list, but so worth it if you want to improve your life on the slopes. The chips are a gadget every music loving snow boarder should have. 

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