Lighting is everything - especially at a Halloween party. Make sure you do it up right.

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Plugs into wall outlet
  • LED fire and ice

When you need to set the scene, this is the lighting tool you need. It's scary and incredible all at once. Add it to your decor and ensure your guests get in the mood quickly.

What Reviewers Say:

  • I bought one of these lights to use for a Halloween display. I have already tested it and love the fiery colors. It seems to be pretty durable. I am using this for my demon pit this year that has a demon standing in it. The fiery look I think will really enhance the look I am going for which is an ominous look. I really love this light and would definitely recommend it to my friends that decorate.
  • I tried this light outside already. It is just fantastic. The fiery reddish color looks awesome. Going to use it for Halloween. Makes a great addition to the decorations. The neighbors love it, and are asking where they can get one. Super. ..
  • I love this light. I want to put this in the woods to shine on my werewolf. I think
    this will add to the creepiness of the scene. Some of my sons friends loved this light as well.
    They said it would be great for parties. A huge hit. I would recommend this to others.

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