Our Q&A a Day: A 3-Year Journal for 2 People

Best Gift for a Girlfriend Who Loves Journaling

Why people love it
  • Fun bonding experience
  • Easy way to remember the past
  • Compact size

Some journal writers complain that the book doesn’t provide much space for answers.


Details: Unleash your creative side as you and your girlfriend answer the short questions in this thought-provoking journal. You’ll have a blast creating and capturing memories together as you ponder over questions such as “What’s on your wish list?” and “What’s no longer true?”.

This compact yet resilient journal effectively withstands three years of daily use. The two of you will bond over shared memories as you reread your written answers months - or even years - later.

Price: This two-person journal costs less than $11, making it cheaper than many of the single-user journals available these days.

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