OSVR Hacker Dev Kit Virtual Reality Headset

Most Customizable Virtual Reality Headset

Why people love it
  • Can be used with any software or hardware
  • Built exactly the way you want it; add your own modifications and tweaks
  • Reasonably priced despite the high quality

Not a "plug and play" device; requires regular tweaking.



Instead of a ready-made VR kit, the OSVR Hacker is a DIY kit that can be customized and built to your specifications. If you've put together your own gaming computer, this is the gadget for you!

Designed by Razer, the unit is modular in design, and you build it with your selected components. Thanks to the refined optics and screen-level diffusion, there is no "screen-door effect". You get a sharp, clean picture with a very high refresh rate (120 Hz), low latency, and excellent resolution (960 x 1080 per eye).


The features of the OSVR HDK mirror those of the Oculus Rift, including interchangeable faceplates, Leap Motion gesture and hand tracking, and wireless streaming (there are no strings on this bad boy!). With lower system requirements than the Rift, it's compatible with more high-end gaming PCs and PC games.

The design is simple and comfortable, with a band around and over your head to keep the headset in place. It weighs surprisingly little, and the balance is getting better with each new model released. It looks amazing, fits well, and works like a dream!


At $300, this is a far better-priced option than the Oculus Rift, with more customizability. However, it's definitely not a product for the tech-challenged. If you're not a PC whiz, this may be a bit over your head.

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