Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

Best Premium Hair Clippers for Men

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  • Smooth, effortless cutting 
  • Lasts for ages 
  • Solid machine and worth the money  



These professional hair clippers from Oster take the cake when it comes to smooth cutting. They’re made to last as they’re made from valox material (also used in car production). They use detachable blades, though sadly, only 2 sizes are included in the box. Blades are easy to remove for cleaning – and you absolutely want to do that regularly. Many of the reported issues with these (or other clippers) are due to lack of maintenance.

Although these are professional hair clippers, they’re super easy to use and they cut through thick and wet hair efficiently. But, you should know that they’re on the heavy side. They’re hardly the quietest hair trimmers either. And then, there’s the price. Still – they’re totally worth it if you take head shaving seriously.

Home or professional use: Professional

Power source: 9’ power cord

Attachments: ¼”, ½”, 3/8”, left taper, right taper and blending comb

Settings: ¼”, ½”, 3/8”, left taper and right taper

Blade type: Cryogen-x blade system. #1 and #000 blades are included; you’ll need to buy additional blades from a choice of 13 on your own. Obviously, each one is detachable.

Motor type: Heavy-duty universal motor

Price: You’ll pay $160 for this and that includes a 12-month warranty. Sure, that’s a lot for home use, but it’s hardly the most expensive set either.

These professional hair clippers are almost unbreakable (though all parts can be repaired or replaced). It comes with 2 blades and has a reliable motor. 

Not only is it pricey, it’s a little big and heavy. Some users report overheating.  

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