The perfect cup of coffee requires freshly ground beans (and the grind needs to match the method of preparation). 

  • 100% satisfaction lifetime money-back guarantee
  • Grinder can be operated by hand anytime and anywhere
  • Adjust the burrs grind clockwise or counter-clockwise in order to reach perfect grinding needs

There are plenty of coffee grinders available on the market. But, there are serious differences between makes and models. While this one requires manual power, it shifts between grinds with relative ease. That alone might make this your go-to morning gadget, but the guarantee makes it safe to try for yourself.

What Reviewers Say: 

With an awesome 4.5 stars on Amazon, it's not a bad idea to take a look at those reviews.

  • The grinder worked great! I put some beans in the top, turned the handle a few times, and had delicious ground coffee. The instructions were written on the box, and I didn't realize it until later on. So it took me a few seconds to figure it out where to put the beans in and where to get the grounds out, but once I did, it was really easy.
  • Amazing little trick! Perfect for the boat, rv or travel. Especially for a coffee snob like me who doesn't want to drink bad coffee just because I'm not at home!! Thanks!
  • One word, Simple! I have a $200 conicle burr grinder, but it's noisy and wakes the wife and I'm the only coffee drinker. So this grinder is perfect. I mainly do Aeropress and Pour-over. This grinder is capable of all grinds. It's easy to clean and quiet. I don't mind manually grinding, it's now part of my morning coffee routine. No complaints!

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