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eLuxury Supply Orthopedic Dog Bed
  • Works well as either a crate bed or as a standalone dog bed
  • Has two exterior layers that are very easy to clean and keep interior foam safe from stains and odors
  • High density foam provides great support for bigger or arthritic pups
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Similar to baby cribs that later convert into toddler beds, this simple bed is a versatile solution for the dog parent who wants to crate-train their puppy, transition them into a standalone adult bed, or provide extra support for their senior dog. These beds are consistently lauded for their high quality construction, so however they are used, it is sure to be an overall win!

The only potential issue we see with this bed is that it is not slip-proof. Pet parents may want to consider an additional purchase of a slip-resistant layer to keep pups from sliding around.


Support: These 5" beds are compact, yet provide tons of support for your dog. The bottom layer is composed of a high-density support foam and is topped by a gel-enhanced memory foam to provide both a sturdy and comfortable base, regardless of your dog’s size.

Size: This bed is so versatile! It comes in small, medium, and large sizes and works wonderfully for dogs of all ages.

Scent & Stain Control: The bed has a total of four high-quality layers. The two outer layers are 100% waterproof, easy to remove for washing, and come in a variety of stylish fabrics.

Value: The price tag on this one ranges from $68 to $126, based on the size of bed purchased. Many beds that claim to be orthopedic, well-constructed, or even this versatile in use are usually much more costly, so you're getting a lot in exchange for a very reasonable price. The value of this bed is undeniable.


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