We all know that a shower is essential after a night of heavy drinking.  (Or, at any rate, we certainly how you know that.)  But you may need something a little stronger than your normal wash to get all those toxins out of your skin.  Otherwise, you run the risk of smelling like last night's drink as the day wears on.  And, you really want this particular body wash.


This deep cleansing body wash for men is formulated with bamboo and charcoal that penetrates deep to draw out pore-clogger.  It eliminates blockage that breeds bumps, breakouts and acne too.  It's blended with clove and wintergreen to deodorize and dissolve surface impurities - which is always a bonus.  And, it's infused with an invigorating scent of spearmint  and rosemary to wake you up and keep you smelling fresh.

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