Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

Best Charcoal Face Mask

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Why people love it
  • Clears blackheads and leaves skin feeling smooth
  • Wont dry your skin out
  • Only a small amount needed to get the job done

An ultra-purifying mask to deep clean and visibly reduce pores.

Not for those with sensitive skin. 


Who's it for? This charcoal face mask is perfect for anyone with oily, dull, or uneven skin. It also works wonders on those with clogged pores.

Texture and fragrance: The Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask is a lightweight cream that feels cool on the skin after applying. The consistency is smooth and glides over your skin with ease. Of course, as it dries it will harden and become tight like all charcoal masks do.  

This product has no added fragrance so any scent you may smell is completely natural from the ingredients. Not to worry, we found the scent to be pleasant and light. 

Ingredients: Charcoal, created from Bamboo Ash, has been praised for its purifying properties dating back to the Ming Dynasty in 1486. The bamboo charcoal in this mask acts like a magnet to draw out makeup and dirt found deep inside your pores. The White China clay absorbs environmental toxins, and lecithin dissolves impurities. We also love that this mask is formulated without any parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.

Price: This face mask comes in three different sizes. For $4, you can sample the mask by purchasing a 0.34 ounce size (this size will give you about two uses). While the 1.7 ounce bottle costs $17 and the 3.4 ounce bottle costs $26. 

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