Organix Flat Iron Spray

Best Heat Protectant for Getting Super Soft Hair

Why people love it
  • Smells great, like coconut
  • Makes hair feel super soft
  • Truly protects hair from flat iron damage

Whether you have damaged hair or just frizzy hair, this product makes your locks feel soft with just a touch of natural shine; it really is designed for flat iron protection. Most people love the smell as much as the feel of their hair.

The scent is a little too strong for some. More importantly, the bottle design is a bit flawed; it’s not the easiest to use.


This heat protectant is filled with a lot of good-for-your-hair ingredients to keep each strand healthy and oh-so-soft. No, really! You should expect to touch your hair all day after using this heat protectant spray. Others will do it too because your hair will appear so smooth with just a glimmer of extra shine.

But, the interesting thing about this particular product is that it’s designed to work with flat irons to create strong, straight hair. You shouldn’t turn to this Organix spray if you use your flat iron to create curls; the ingredients are relaxers as much as they protect from the heat.

And, we need to warn you that the bottle on this isn’t everything it could be. The shape makes it difficult to spray from a distance; and if you spray too close, you’ll end up with oily patches. If they improved the bottle, we would eagerly move this flat iron spray up the list.

Key ingredients: Brazilian coconut oils along with hydrolyzed keratin make this a protein, heat protecting spray.

Paraben-free? Yes

Animal-friendly? Yes

Application: The manufacturer suggests using this on dry hair before using with your flat iron. There are those that find it even works miracles before blow drying – but not everyone experiences this. Because of the bottle design, you should run a comb through your hair after applying the product and before applying heat.

Package size: It’s a 6-ounce pump spray bottle.

Cost: Depending on where you pick it up, you should pay a little less than $10 for the bottle. That works out to something around $1.60 per ounce. That’s not bad; it’s not the cheapest, mind you, but really not bad at all.

Bottom line: You know you’re getting quality products with Organix, and this isn’t an exception. While there are some design flaws, the product works amazingly with flat irons to create the softest, sleekest hair you’ve ever had. If that’s what you’re after, you definitely need to give this product a try.

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