Orenda (fka. Auroma)

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  • Learns your preferences and tailors its brews accordingly
  • Built-in sensors automatically select ideal brew settings
  • All-in-one coffee machine built for your convenience

Not yet available, pricey, and no known release date.


Operation: This machine was formerly known as the "Auroma", but due to trademarking issues, had to re-brand as the Orenda smart machine. Despite its success with a Kickstarter campaign, it has yet to launch two years later.

What we do know about the machine promises some pretty impressive things:

The brewing system is designed to be "smart", learning from your settings and adjusting accordingly. The built-in sensors will detect your brew settings and automatically select them the next time you want to make a quick cup of coffee. This includes everything from water temperature to coffee ground texture to brew time.

The sensors will measure total coffee dissolution, water temperature, grind size, and the amount of time to brew and compare it to the SCAA Brewing Control Chart. You then log onto the smartphone app (iOS and Android) and rate your cup of coffee—strength, flavor, caffeine concentration, bitterness, even texture. This teaches the machine to brew coffee just the way you like it. Ultimately, you should end up with the perfect brew every time.

Features: As mentioned above, the coffee machine is not yet available for purchase (only pre-order), so all we have to go on is the features listed on the manufacturer website.

The machine comes with a 1.2 liter water reservoir, a built-in stainless steel conical burr grinder, and adjustable brew settings (both on the machine directly and via the app). It's also compatible with web-based IFTTT programs, thus allowing you to connect and automate the machine fairly easily.

The Orenda can be used to make everything from Americano to French press to cold brew to iced coffee. It will even be compatible with Amazon's Alexa and Echo, allowing for voice control.

The Orenda differs from its ancestor, the Auroma, in two ways: 1) there are no plastic components coming in contact with the coffee, and 2) the built-in metal filter eliminates the need for paper filters, but can still be used with paper filters if so desired.

Price: At this time, the pre-order price for the coffee machine is $399--$100 cheaper than it will ultimately be once it launches. Until we can test it out ourselves and read reviews from others who have also tested it, all we can say is that it LOOKS like an awesome option for those who can afford the high price tag.

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