Why people love it
  • Set and updated according to the U.S. Atomic Clock
  • Battery backup ensures that accuracy never suffers, even in power outages
  • Long-lasting, durable, and versatile

Highly accurate, automatically set to adjust time/day/date, can be set to auto-adjust with your preferred time zone, and LED projection displays time on the ceiling.

LED projection doesn't swivel, so it's tough to set it to display the time right where you want it.



If you want guaranteed accuracy, this unique clock is for you. It automatically adjusts the time, date, and day according to the U.S. Atomic Clock (via radio frequency), and it updates for Daylight Savings Time on its own. Few units can match the precision of this device, manufactured by the company that brings you scientific calculators.


It can be set to any U.S. time zone, and it will automatically adjust the time according to your location.  The projector displays the time on your ceiling, though it can take a bit of adjustment to get it just right. It comes with a "crescendo alarm" (starts quiet and grows louder) for a gentler wake-up, as well as an 8-minute snooze. With the battery backup, it will always be on and set to the right time.


$30 for this incredibly accurate device is not too high a price to pay. You'll find that it is durable, doesn't take up too much space on your bedside table, and lasts for years to come. Definitely a worthy purchase!

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