Yeeeessss.... We really like this air purifier from Oreck. And, we know you think it's because it's rather on the sleek side, but there's more.

  • 3-year HEPA filter captures 99.97% of dust, allergens, smoke, pet dander and pollen
  • Suggested for living spaces up to 248 square feet
  • 5 speeds including auto, sleep and power modes
  • Includes replace filter indicator light and mood light

If we can rave for a moment, we're going to do it about the 3-year HEPA filter which captures 99.97% of everything nasty floating around your home. Okay, the filter life does vary based on just how nasty your home is, but it shouldn't vary that much. And, you do get a replace filter light when it's time. But, there's also a 3-year odor filter too. Just think what life will be like when your home doesn't smell like cats anymore! It operates with an AirInstinct smart sensor and can handle living spaces up to 248 square feet. Want more? How about a mood light and EnergyStar Certification. Nice.

What Reviewers Say:

The 4.5 star rating on Amazon suggests that people like this air purifier. Here's what they say.

  • I've owned a Rabbit Air BioGS for almost ten years now, so I have a lot of confidence and experience in my belief that Oreck AirInstinct completely blows Rabbit Air away.
  • I live with a 20 month old, 2 cats, and in the allergy capital of the U.S. And I do suffer from allergies. So we have had many air purifiers over the years. This is one of my favorites. One thing people do not think of is overall cost of ownership for an air purifier. Many lower cost ones are not energy star. This one is. We use ours 24/7 so an energy star rating is a must. Also is how often you need to replace filters. This is a new model so I can't say for certain, but it is rated as 3 years for the HEPA and 3 years for the odor filter. The pre-filter is washable. Not only is that the most impressive I have ever seen in an air purifier but it also means less maintenance on removing the HEPA and odor filter.
  • Excellent performance. Hope the filters are available when needed! Very quiet at night, indicator lights can be turned off. Has helped my wife and me with our allergies. Bought from returns warehouse, great deal!

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