Oral Essentials Mouthwash

Best All Natural Mouthwash

Why people love it
  • Tastes fantastic
  • Leaves mouth feeling fresh and clean
  • Does not burn; great for kids

This is on the pricey side, but that’s what you get when you call a product “artisanal” – even if it’s a mouthwash. Also, it’s sugar free, but it does have Xylitol, soo…


We appreciate that this natural mouthwash has a strong following and gets the job done. Having said that, you can’t do a whole lot without adding in a few things like fluoride, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide – so, this doesn’t promise to whiten teeth, correct soft spots, or anything like that.

This burn-free formula doesn’t taste minty as you may expect, but it is a safe mouthwash for children. And, despite the price, we’re happy to see it on the Subscribe and Save list. You also get a satisfaction guarantee, so you know the manufacturer stands behind this product.

What does it claim to do? This natural mouthwash claims to freshen bad breath without any harsh chemicals, dyes, or preservatives. And, it promises to do so for several hours.

Does it do it? According to real users, it actually manages to stave off bad breath for the whole day. That, of course, depends on whether you add onions and garlic to your lunch. But, you get the picture.

Is it good at anything else? This is one of the few options that makes a suitable mouthwash for kids. That has everything to do with the ingredient list. But, you really should exercise caution when offering an oral rinse to your youngins. If they have terrible breath, but decent oral hygiene habits, you should probably chat it through with the dentist or pediatrician before offering any mouthwash.

Who’s it for? This is for anyone that likes to keep it au naturel, and not a bad option for families.

What’s inside the bottle? There are plenty of organic oils in this formula, along with aloe vera juice and Dead Sea salt. But, the ingredients that are missing are likely to be more important – namely the lack of hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, and preservatives.

Recommended usage? You can use this two or three times a day, swishing and spitting as you would any other mouthwash. It’s designed to freshen breath, so we would recommend using it after meals (or as part of your normal brushing routine.

What’s it taste like? The composition of this formula offers more of a natural, herbal taste than the strong mint you’ve become accustomed to; you’ll probably need to spend some time adjusting to it.

Will it break the bank? This is not the cheapest mouthwash out there. Indeed, you’ll pay about 75 cents per ounce. We wish it was cheaper, but it’s not.

Available on Subscribe and Save or Prime Pantry? Yep, you can add this to Subscribe and Save which does help to alleviate the price of this puppy a little.

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