Why people love it
  • Fast acting
  • Same system used by cosmetic dentists
  • Reasonably priced

Reviewers suggest not leaving this whitener on as long as the box recommends. It's seriously that strong.


Results: You don't just get the product with your order; you get everything you need to make it happen. And, the manufacturers do mean white teeth when they say white. It's made for professional use which means you’re basically saving on dentist fees like you wouldn't believe.

Time Frame: Advertised as 44% of the strongest strength whitener available, this product is known for its ability to produce instant results. 

Side Effects: Warning! This is a heavy duty teeth whitener, not meant for individuals with dental sensitivities. Expect some tooth sensitivity and gum soreness with this product. So if you have very sensitive teeth, you may need to spend the extra money and see an actual dentist.

Price: Ummm $10 for a whitening that would cost $300 to $600 at a dentist? Is there any question? Get it now (while it's on sale)!

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