OontZ Angle3 Bluetooth Speaker

Best Christmas Gift for Music Lovers

Why people love it
  • Gorgeous sound quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Excellent battery life

This little portable speaker makes it possible to take music just about anywhere. Two drivers offer distortion-free stereo listening. It’s ultraportable, water-resistant, and the lack of sharp edges makes this baby a bit of a dream.

The on/off switch is rather tiny, a fingernail may be needed.


The Details: If he's looking for a way to fill the house with music, this portable speaker is just what he wants. It’s lightweight and water-resistant, so he can use it in the bathroom, at the beach, on his fishing trip, in the backyard, or anywhere else he wants.

The built-in 3.5mm cable allows for instant connectivity when the Bluetooth is wonky, but he'll love how easy it is to pair his Bluetooth devices. He'll get about 7-10 hours of battery life per charge. It can even be used to charge his cellphone. The speaker may be small, but it delivers a big, crystal clear sound!

Price: At $28, this is a total steal! The speaker is high quality, delivers amazing sound, and looks beautiful. Everything he could want in a Bluetooth speaker, at a beautifully affordable price.

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