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Onyx Professional Shellac & Gel Nail Polish Remover
  • Remove glitter polish, gel, and shellac nails easily
  • Vitamin E and grape seed oil protect your nails from damage
  • Inexpensive yet highly reliable
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Maximum strength, smell isn't overpowering, contains moisturizing ingredients, well-priced, highly effective, great for soaking off gel and shellac nails, easy to apply, won't make a mess, and excellent price for the size.

Very potent formula and may dry your skin after a long soak.


Performance: For removing gel and shellac nails, this is the nail polish you want. Not only will it deal with acrylic, traditional, and glitter polish effectively, but it will loosen the glue holding your gel/shellac nails securely in place.

The liquid is thick enough that it's easy to apply to your nails using a cotton ball, but it won't evaporate like many pure acetone nail polish removers. It's a maximum-strength nail polish remover made with a VERY potent strength, so make sure not to leave it soaking for too long, or you risk dry skin.

Ingredients: This nail polish remover is acetone-based, meaning it is very potent. However, once the acetone smell wears off, the after-scent is surprisingly mild and reminiscent of coconut. Thanks to the Vitamin E and grape seed oil in the nail polish remover, you can protect your fingernails and skin to reduce dryness when removing nails.

The remover is professional-grade, meaning it is used in salons and nail spas around the country. Definitely a product worth trying!

Price: At less than $4 per 16-ounce bottle, this is the best-priced product on our list. You get high quality nail polish remover at an amazing price—what more could you want?


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