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Best Crème Nail Polish Remover

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Why people love it
  • A creamy way to remove nail polish effectively
  • Squeeze bottle design reduces mess and spills
  • Natural ingredients improve nail health while acetone removes nail polish

Crème/gel instead of liquid, squeeze bottle top, non-runny formula, effective at removing thick polish, contains natural ingredients, pleasant and mild smell, and hydrates and restores your fingernails.

Contains acetone and may dry out nails.


Performance: If you want to remove nail polish with as little mess and fuss as possible, you'll love this crème nail polish remover. It's thick enough that it won't run off your nails as you're working with it. Thanks to the acetone in the formula, it will eliminate nail polish very effectively. Let it sit for a few seconds and rub it gently off with a cotton ball. Voila! Clean nails.

The squeeze bottle top makes it easy to apply just a drop or two to your nails, reducing the messiness of the nail polish. The no-spill design of the bottle reduces the risk of wasting the remover. It's small enough you can travel with it, and it will never make a mess in your purse or toiletry case.

Ingredients: The nail polish remover is acetone-based, meaning it may do some minor damage to your nails and cause dryness. However, the lavender oil in the formula will mitigate the potency of the acetone and reduce nail damage.

The acetone does have a strong smell, but it's not as overwhelming as other nail polish removers. There's a nice, light after-scent of lavender that makes the nail polish remover much more pleasant than other acetone-based options.

Price: At $6, this is a beautifully-priced nail polish! It gets the job done as efficiently as you could ask for, and it offers great value for the cost.

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