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  • ONE® Pleasure DomeTM condoms feature a larger head size that provides more room at the tip to create a larger zone of comfort and pleasure for both partners
  • Premium lubricant for gliding comfort
  • ONE® Pleasure DomeTM condoms feature 50% more lubricant than standard condoms

Could stand to be a bit thinner!


Performance: This latex-based condom is durable, fairly thin, and designed for well-endowed men looking for better sensation from their condom. The extra-large head allows for greater friction with the sensitive spots. It's not the thinnest condom on the market, but it's more than enjoyable thanks to the extra lubricant.

Features: When it comes to lubrication, you can't beat this bad boy! You can skip the lube altogether, as this condom comes with 50% more lubricant than your standard condom. THe premium lubricant makes for easily gliding comfort and reduced friction for enhanced sexual pleasure for both partners.

But the condom does more than lubricate; it also comes in a unique pleasure-shaped design that features a larger head size and provides more room at the tip. The design creates a larger comfort zone for both you and your partner.

Price: At just under $6 for a 12-pack, these are slightly on the pricier side. However, they're absolutely worth it for men and women that need extra lubrication to enjoy friction-free sex!

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