Why people love it
  • Great assortment pack
  • Best bang for your buck
  • Very thin condom but still gets the job done

Looking to add a little more spice to your sex life but don’t want to spend a lot of money on toys and lingerie to do it? Then give this fun condom pleasure pack a try. The condoms fit well and are also thin, so they feel great during playtime.

Many customers complained about the mix of condoms in this pack. Since you don’t get to choose which ones come in it, it's sort of a crapshoot. There are some others who said these tend to run on the smaller side, which can make for an uncomfortable experience for him if he’s larger than average.


Performance: You’re definitely going to want to stock up on lube if you buy these condoms. That will ensure that they don’t dry out too quickly and break. (It’s not a common complaint we heard, but it’s a concern we do want to address here regardless.)

Features: Okay, so this is a fun assortment of cheap condoms, which is pretty cool. But there’s also the small carrying case that's included. Obviously, you’re not going to heft the whole tube around with you. However, if you don’t want to have to stick loose condoms into your wallet or purse (not recommended), you can remove the two ends of the tube and turn them into a small carrying tin that holds up to three condoms at a time. Perfect, right?

Price: This condom assortment pack is a fantastic deal.

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