Best Dating App for the Slow and Steady

Why people love it
  • Receive one match per day
  • Matches grow in quality based on how much information you provide to the app
  • Simple options for interacting with other users

If you’re looking at all these dating apps and feeling overwhelmed by the options or just unsatisfied with the results you’ve received on others, then check out Once. With this dating app, you only receive one match each day. It’s up to you to give the app more information (all you have to do is rate photos with a star) and it’ll help you find better quality matches with each passing day.

This is definitely a superficial app since you’re not rating user profiles based on who they are; just what they look like. Oh, and one match per day might be too slow for some people.


Quality: Well, since the whole point of this app is to improve the quality of the matches you receive by limiting it to one per day—and it’s based on the information you’ve fed the system—then you might find you get better results here than with an app that you can spend hours swiping through every day.

Ease of Use: Very simple app to use. Rate pictures of users you like. Set up the details of your profile and for your preferred match. And then choose whether you like or don’t like the match you’re given. That’s it.

Price: Once is free to use, but you can buy crowns in order to “pick” your next day’s match.

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