Why people love it
  • Sends results directly to your smartphone
  • Easy to use
  • Compact but resilient

Innovative Easy-Wrap ComFit Cuff helps ensure a correct, comfortable fit during readings. Compatible with other digital devices, including the Omron Omron Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker and USB Pedometer.

Doesn’t include a USB port, so you can’t plug it directly into your computer or smartphone. You have to rely on WiFi to transmit data.


Ease of Use: It’s super simple to use this wireless blood pressure monitor without syncing it to an app, especially since it has an Easy-Wrap ComFit Cuff that helps prevent user errors. If you decide to transmit results wirelessly, you have to download the Omron Wellness app first.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can send data directly to your smartphone or computer. You can also email readings to your doctor, review previous readings, and track trends. It’s a great way to manage your health from the comfort of home.

Accuracy: Results are fairly accurate (Omron advertises it as their “most precise monitor ever”), but it’s always wise to have a doctor or other professional calibrate your monitor before you use it. An Easy-Wrap ComFit Cuff expands snugly, yet comfortably, around your arm for accurate results.

Features: This feature-rich device makes it a cinch to record your own blood pressure at home, work, or school. Don’t worry about fumbling around for a pen; the push of a button sends data directly to an app or email. The monitor stores up to 200 previous readings, and you can store unlimited data on your smartphone (as long as you’ve got enough digital space for the app).

Practical indicator lights glow green for normal readings and orange for potentially high results. We appreciate that the monitor automatically takes 3 readings in a row, just like the American Heart Association recommends, then calculates the average.  

Price: You’ll shell out around $100 unless you find this best-selling blood pressure monitor on sale. It’s currently around $63 (with free shipping!) on Amazon, and My Access Health points out that it’s one of the most popular blood pressure monitors on the site.

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