OMG Tea Towel

Best Mother’s Day Gift for Moms that Say They Don’t Want Anything

Why people love it

  • Great to give as a gift 
  • Very cute 
  • Fast delivery 

This very cute tea towel has a message that makes it great to give any mother. The soft fabric is machine washable. 

There are some complaints about the fabric, but other users find it to be soft. 


When mom’s say they don’t want anything for Mother’s Day, what they really mean is that they enjoy bending over backward for their family – and a little token of appreciation or a few thoughtful words are all that’s needed. This square tea towel does both – and it does it effortlessly. Not only is it a great gift to give your mom, it’s excellent for moms to give their daughters (and even sons). And, of course, the price is right.

Looking for alternative gifts for mom?

If even a tea towel is too much for your mom to accept, how about this gorgeous Floral Bouquet Blue 3D card ($13)? It’s way more sophisticated than the popup cards you had as a child. This card creates the most beautiful display of paper flowers and will certainly sit on the mantel until July.

Or, maybe you should just do what mom wants and make her a scrumptious breakfast in bed or enjoy a leisurely Skype call. Really, it’s the kind words that matter most – to every mom.

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