Omega Paw Roll'N'Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box

Best Automatic Kitty Litter Box for Multi-Cat Households

Why people love it
  • No moving parts, nothing to break down—just easy cleaning!
  • Lightweight, easy to roll over, and great for keeping an odor-free house
  • No obnoxious cloud of dust; box remains covered at all times
Drawbacks, not dealbreakers

Connecting hooks that hold the box closed are poorly designed, so litter box may spill.


Operation: This is an incredibly easy litter box to use: simply roll it over once, and the sifter will catch all the clumps and poop. All you have to do is empty the litter pan, give it a quick rinse, and replace it. You've now got a clean litter box!

For those who want to save money AND time, this is the perfect compromise. It's not fully automated (you have to roll it over), but it will make the task of cleaning the litter box so much easier. It's a lightweight, durable litter box that's surprisingly spacious—it can accommodate up to 2 cats at once. If you have large cats or multiple cats at home, this is the box for you.

Features: There are no moving parts on this litter box, so nothing to break down or fall apart. The plastic screen is tough, the scoop slides in and out easily, and the litter pan is able to handle almost any type of litter.

The only potential flaw is in the hooks that keep the box closed when you roll it over. Many users have commented that the hooks come apart, so there is a risk of the box spilling. Just keep an eye on those hooks to make sure they stay closed, and you'll never have to worry about messes.

Price: At just over $40, this is a total steal. You get a quality litter box at a great price, and it seriously cuts back on the effort required to keep your pet's box clean. What's not to love?

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