Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Masticating Juicer

Best Christmas Gift for Health Nuts

Why people love it
  • Best masticating juicer on the market
  • Beautifully, powerful motor; well-built auger and internal parts
  • Versatile: can make nut butters, baby food, breadsticks, pasta, and even ground beef

Juices VERY slowly.


Details: For the health-conscious man in your life, this is the perfect gift. The slow/masticating juicer produces less heat and friction, so there's less oxidation of the fruits and veggies he's juicing. Instead of slicing the fruit, it crushes it using an auger. This guarantees a higher mineral, vitamin, and antioxidant content in the juice.

The juicer is very slow, but it produces a high quality juice that lasts much longer than juice made in faster juicers. Its stainless steel shell is beautifully durable, and you'll find the 15-year warranty ensures he will always have fresh fruit and veggie juice for years to come.

Price: This juicer will run you about $280, though it's often discounted for seasonal sales (like Christmas!). It's the best masticating juicer on the market, so it's perfect for men who want to be healthy by consuming more fruit and veggie juice.

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