Why people love it
  • Plenty of room
  • Amazing quality at an affordable price
  • Easy to carry and sturdy construction

The bottom isn’t hard as with other carry ons, so it could rip if you’re not gentle. It’s nowhere near sturdy enough to stand on its own.


Okay, this is super inexpensive compared to other carry ons on this list and you may be tempted to dismiss it. But, we advise against that. If you predominantly travel by car or train, this is an incredibly useful bag to have – and as long as you don’t completely stuff it, it will fall within standard airline regulations.

It’s not as sturdy as you would think it would be due to the lack of reinforcement at the bottom. But, that does mean you’re working with a super lightweight bag. And for this kind of price, you can’t really expect top-notch features. Can you?

Durability and construction: They call the 1200 denier polyester “Protectflon” which is rather fun to say, isn’t it? Given the price, it’s difficult to believe, but users actually rave about the sturdy construction.

Design: Duffel wheeler

Dimensions: Okay, this is actually a little larger than the standard carry on constraints at 22” x 12” x 12”. But, we can’t exclude it from this list because of that. As long as you haven’t filled it to capacity, you’ll pass inspection; it just needs to fit into the 22” x 14” x 9” and you’re okay.

Weight: A mere 5.4 pounds means you can pack heavier items without noticing the weight. You gotta love that.

Pockets and storage: There’s 1 main zippered pocket with a U-shaped opening so you can easily get your stuff in and out. There’s also 1 top pocket and 6 additional side pockets.

Handles and wheels: The wheels are in-line which is more or less what you would expect given the price and the design of the bag. We do love that the retractable handle hides away so you can carry it like a duffel bag.

Security: There’s nothing built in. But, again, you wouldn’t expect that for the price, would you?

Colors available: Black, navy, hot pink, red, dark lavender, royal blue, and grey. There’s also a selection of black duffels with accent colors. That’s helpful if you ever decide to check your carry on and want to ID it quickly on the belt.

Price and warranty: The MSRP is $80, but you shouldn’t pay more than $40. You get a 2-year limited warranty with that price which we do appreciate – though it doesn’t come anywhere close to the warranties you’d get with a bag that costs more than $100.

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