Why people love it
  • Great for use at home, around the office, or on the job site
  • Store and transport is easy, but still get all the reach you need!
  • A uniquely designed and supremely useful ladder

Top step is wobbly and the steps may bend with regular use.


Design: For those who don't have a lot of space in their home, office, or construction vehicle, this ladder is a dream come true. When folded, it's just 34" by 19", meaning it's supremely portable. However, it can be extended  up to 12.5 feet. Best of all, you can extend it one step at a time (in increments of 1 foot/12 inches), so you only extend it as much as you need.

The ladder itself is fairly solid, though the top step can be a bit wobbly. The thinner, narrower steps may sag with regular use, especially by heavier users. However, given its compact, foldable design, it's definitely a handy ladder worth owning.

Weight Limit: The weight limit is for up to 330 pounds, but heavier users may bend the ladder steps over time.

Safety: The ladder is manufactured according to European safety standards. You get the classic non-marking rubber grip on the feet, though the narrow ladder steps aren't as safe as they could be.

Price: At over $150, this is a pricey ladder, but an absolutely perfect choice if you have limited space in your apartment, construction truck, or office. Its telescoping design makes it highly convenient!

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