Why people love it
  • Provides support
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Comfortable without any pinching

Some reviewers have had issues with the fabric feeling too tight or restricting, so make sure to take your measurements before purchasing.


Fabric Quality:  Aside from issues with the fabric or elastic band being slightly too tight, this underwear was made well.

Comfortability: When you think of control top, you’re probably not thinking about comfort. You just want to cinch and support. However, this underwear will do all of that while still providing you with a lightweight and comfortable experience.

Breathability: No issues have been reported with breathability.

Support: If you’re in need of support and shapewear to flatten and smooth the stomach area, this underwear will work perfectly for you.

Price: If you want to make an investment in a well-made undergarment, give these a try.

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