Oleavine Theratree All Natural Therapeutic Tea Tree Soap

Best Men's Body Wash for Skin Irritations

Why people love it

  • Amazing for eczema and other skin conditions 
  • Leaves skin feeling fresh and clean 
  • Smells great and works well 

This totally natural body wash defends against bacteria and works wonders with skin conditions and for those that workout to the max. It also has natural oils for moisture. 

There are some that find the smell a little overpowering. Additionally, there aren’t any larger sizes available and a pump would be nice. 


We love this natural formula; there are no silicones, dyes, or fragrances added. That sharp, fresh tea tree and mint smells come from natural cleansing ingredients. The smell is a little overwhelming for some, but it’s just right for others – it depends on your sensitivity levels.

This body wash isn’t explicitly for men, but it works really well for those that do intensive sports and training. More importantly, it does a mean job against eczema and other irritating skin conditions (including troubling bacne).

The biggest downfall is, of course, the size of the bottle and the price you’ll pay for it. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a move by the manufacturer to change either. However, if you do have an issue, their customer service is remarkably helpful.

Skin type: This is designed for problem skin (and is gender-neutral).

Scent: This is a combination of tea tree and mint. You’ll definitely smell both. While most users find it quite fresh and invigorating, there are those that believe it to be a little too strong.

Parabens: No

Sulphates: No

Added fragrance: No

Cruelty-free: Yes

Ease of application: A little goes a long way with this body wash. You’ll get a soft, rich lather, though it does work best with a sponge, poof, or wash cloth. You can also use it as a foot soak, mixing a cap full into a basin of warm water.

Package size: 12 fl. oz.

Price: The MSRP is about $30 for 12 ounces. That’s harsh, though there are those that would be willing to pay that much. As it stands, you should expect to pay a little less than $15 – and the price works out to just over 80 cents per ounce. That’s still mighty pricey, but it’s absolutely worth it for some.

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