Best Smelling Men's Sports Deodorant

Old Spice High Endurance Men's Pure Sport Deodorant (4-pack)
  • Highly effective even for athletes and heavy sweaters
  • Comes with the "classic" Old Spice scent so you'll be the best smelling man around
  • Leaves no residue or stains
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Lasts well over 24 hours, pleasant scent that is subtle and masculine, gentle on sensitive skin

Smells very strong with heavy sweat


Performance: If you are looking for a brand that will keep you smelling the best - fresh and clean through any workout or game, this is the product for you! Not only does it last a long time (over a day), but it will survive heavy sweat. It leaves no residue or stains on your clothing, and it will offer long-lasting protection no matter how much you move.

For those with sensitive or easily irritated skin, this is a product worth considering thanks to its skin-friendly formulation.

Smell: For those guys who love the classic Old Spice smell, this is the product you want. You get that musky, manly scent of your first cologne every time you apply it to your underarms. Be warned: the smell grows stronger with heavy sweat.

Price: At $15 for a 4-pack, it's a surprisingly well-priced product ($3.75 per stick). It will last a long time, making it a good option for athletes and those who sweat A LOT.


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