Old Navy New Classic Flip-Flops

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Why people love it
  • So cheap!
  • Surprisingly durable; comfortable for beach and city wear
  • Waterproof, and designed to be slip-resistant

INCREDIBLY affordable, comfortable once broken in, easy to replace, available in multiple colors, found at any Old Navy store, created using synthetic material, and feature a waterproof, no-slip design.

Thin outsoles and toe strap can be uncomfortable.


Performance: If you want a no-frills pair of sandals that are worth every penny, these are the ones you want. They cost less than a cup of coffee, but they'll give you at least a year or two of daily use. They're comfortable to use around the house or on the beach, and they're lightweight enough that you can take them with you as you travel.

They're made from synthetic materials, so not the "greenest" product. However, they do what they're designed to do: protect your feet as you walk around, and give you a solid, stable platform. The textured foot bed keeps your feet from slipping around, and the outsole is thick enough that you can walk for hours without feeling discomfort.

Price: At $3, how could you argue against these shoes? Each pair will last for a year or two, and you'll always have a comfy pair of sandals on hand.

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