Why people love it
  • Comes with a GoPro adapter
  • Works for any angle and any condition
  • Perfect for Small SLR, Digital Camera, GoPro Camera, DV, and mobile phone



It can extend all the way to 4 feet long, and the non-slip foam handle helps you grip your smartphone solidly. It's compatible with most phones and small digital cameras, but you have to buy your own Bluetooth-enabled remote control.

What Reviewers Say:

  • Over the past several weeks I’ve received four selfie sticks from various companies in exchange for an honest review. Of all of them them, this is the most solidly constructed. While all four use a telescoping pole, this one from Okeyn has the least "give" to it. As result, it feels quite secure. You can easily adjust it to three different lengths, which you can then lock into place. Fully extended, the pole measures close to four feet. The adjustable phone holder can hold an iPhone 6, with case, securely in place. The phone holder even has two rubberized pads to keep the holder from scratching the phone.
  • I have reviewed several of these monopods and this is by far the best one for many reasons. In the box you will receive a monopod, a cellphone adapter, and another adapter for a GoPro. Fully closed, the device would sit out about 18" from the end of the pole. Fully extended and the device will sit out an additional 4'.

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