Why people love it
  • Amazingly effective
  • Rapid results
  • Great for cracked feet

This foot cream works extremely quickly to heal and soften ultra-cracked feet. It works to prevent cracking as well as repair skin, and you can add this to your Subscribe-and-Save list.

Some users find this to be a little too greasy and that it doesn’t absorb quickly enough for them. Additionally, this isn’t the cheapest product available.


This thick foot cream is our favorite for one reason above all others – it totally works. Okay, nothing works for everyone all the time, but the majority of users find that it works for them. More than that, it works remarkably quickly. A few lucky ones find it only takes days to notice an extreme difference; others need a little longer.

Though it does a good job with peeling, flaking skin as well softening calluses, it really shines with extraordinarily dry and painfully cracked skin. This foot cream holds up well under extremely hot and arid environments, as well as during the winter – and diabetics have also found it to be a bit of a miracle worker for them.

We like that it can be used preventatively and that it doesn’t have a strong fragrance, so you can put it on anytime. And, we’re very impressed with the pack selections offered through Amazon. It’s little wonder it’s a #1 Best Seller, right?

Key ingredients: This wonder worker contains allantoin, glycerin, and paraffin to hydrate and heal skin. It's also gluten and lanolin-free.

Hypoallergenic: Yes

APMA-approved: No

Paraben-free: Yes

Animal-friendly: O’Keeffe’s never tests on animals. Hurray!

Fragrance: Fragrance-free

Application: You can safely apply this to dry, cracked, and split skin. The manufacturers suggest exfoliating your skin first. (Perhaps you want to pick up a new pumice stone while you’re at it.) Though some users find they don’t need to bother with this step, or only do so for the first application. Many recommend putting on socks after rubbing it in – either to protect the floor or to make the most of the cream. It’s up to you, but be careful stepping into the bathtub if you’ve applied it recently.

Package size: The standard package is a 3.2-ounce tub, which users claim goes quite a long way. But, the good news is that Amazon sells many different multi-packs. Be sure to look for the best-value-for-money pack as the price doesn’t always decrease as the number of items decreases.

Cost: A single 3.2-ounce tub runs between $9 and $9.50 on Amazon. You will pay less if you order more – and there is a Subscribe-and-Save option too. If you pay the highest price, you’re looking at less than $3 per ounce (though not by much). That does make this one of the more expensive options, but it is totally worth it.

Bottom line: If you’re one of those people that have battled dry, cracked feet forever and have tried nearly everything on the market, you’ll want to give this a go before you resort to a skin peel. And, as a little does seem to go a long way, you don’t need to worry too much about the price per ounce. Yes; it’s that good.

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